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Edenlite Glasshouses and Greenhouses

Welcome to Eden Glasshouses and Greenhouses

You can work with nature and provide protection from adverse weather conditions, such as cold and wind, as well as protection from pests and disease. Edenlite is your one-stop shop for all of your greenhouse needs. We have a comprehensive selection of greenhouses and glasshouses that come in different sizes and materials. We also offer many spare parts that are designed for our greenhouses and glasshouses. From roof vents to automatic louvre windows, you are certain to find the right part that will enhance the growth environment of your plants or flowers.

Made to the Highest Standards

Our greenhouses and glasshouses use high-quality materials that can withstand the tough Australian climate. Our polycarbonate greenhouses are made in Israel by Palram, a world-class polycarbonate manufacturer in Israel. We also use premium Comalco aluminium for our range of premium glasshouses.

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Growing your own food is immensely satisfying!
View the three overview videos below for important information.

Eden Greenhouses

Learn what make EDEN Glasshouses so special!

Take a tour through Edenlite’s Rion Ecogrow Greenhouse.

Join Bernadette on her journey through her Greenhouse to demonstrate the amazing power of Autopot!

Why Use A Glasshouse Or Greenhouse?

Because of the immense satisfaction and achievement of assisting Nature growing healthy vegetables, flowers and plants. Glasshouses and greenhouses …

  • Provide a haven for you
  • Provide a haven for your plants
  • Lengthen your growing season
  • Provide a shelter from sunburn
  • Provide options to prevent overheating
  • Protect from heavy rain
  • Protect from pests, birds and animals
  • Protect from wind
  • Protect from cold
Planning & configuring glasshouses & greenhouses before purchase

Because glasshouses and greenhouses provide immense enjoyment, it is worthwhile to get things right so Nature can perform well on your behalf. People often wish they had chosen a larger model so go for your maximum!

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“Well we are both in our mid-eighties, it’s still in daily use. Indeed the grape is just in flower and the Antirrhinum’s germinating, and lots of Geranium cuttings. Congratulations, EDEN on your fiftieth birthday!” – George and Joy Paterson

See interesting vegetable information & recipe ideas

Clive and Delia Wilson have been growing tomatoes for many years plus supplying other gardeners with seedlings from their shop (Delia’s Little Plant Shop) in Hamilton.

Display Locations in Australia and New Zealand

Treat yourself to a visit!

The magical enchantment of Cloudehill Gardens Dandenong Ranges.

Please mention ‘glasshouse inquiry’ at the reception for a free entry

The on-site Seasons cafe/restaurant is highly recommended

Browse the excellent ‘Diggers’ Nursery and shop

89 Olinda-Monbulk Road, one hours drive from the Melbourne CBD

See GH812D Glasshouse and AC25C Greenhouse on display:

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