Accessories and Parts

Eden Glasshouse and Greenhouse Accessories and Parts.

Our range of accessories and parts includes everything you need for the ultimate garden fit-out.


The Eden Plant Benches are proven by thousands of customers to be an essential part on any garden. It is amazing how much more enjoyable it is inside your glasshouse or greenhouse when you have a working surface of a plant bench. These also pair well with the Autopot system, as the tanks are to be elevated 1m above the ground for the mineral-rich nutrient which flows from them into the plants. These benches provide the perfect height for this, and are also strong enough to hold three full tanks plus other accessories on the second tier. Go on holiday for up to two weeks and let the simple gravity-fed hydroponic system water the plants by itself. This allows the plants to decide how much water and nutrients they need each day.

Our benches come in an easy-to-assemble kitset form. They can also be powder coated to match the finish of your glasshouse or greenhouse.


Autopot Parts

Autopot is a brilliant self-watering system that is a essential part of any garden. We supply any extra or replacement parts that you will need for this.

Autopot Systems are a patented technique of hydroponics that differs from conventional methods in a number of respects. These make it versatile, effective, and inexpensive to run. They are also capable of operating in a wide range of locations where conventional hydroponics may not be effective. The simplicity of the Autopot system also means that it is simple to use for everyone from school age and up. It’s the ideal way for busy people to experience the benefits of gardening. This also comes with the bonus of providing a huge return in pleasure and produce. However, without a heavy commitment in time or the problems of requiring a specific program of attention.

See more information about Autopot here.

Glasshouse and Greenhouse Parts

We also supply parts for any Eden or Rion glasshouse or greenhouse. These include wall louvres, roof vents, shadecloth, and many more items that can be used to create the perfect growing atmosphere for your plants. For any extra parts relating to the aluminium frame or extra glass, please send inquiries to