Medium Greenhouses and Glasshouses

Our Range of Medium Greenhouses

Edenlite has a selection of medium-sized greenhouses. They have an attractive barn-style design that suits almost any type of garden. Our range of medium greenhouses are manufactured from dark green UV-stabilised resin and a Twinwall polycarbonate glazing.

Pick your medium-sized greenhouse and glasshouses below.

Grow Your Plants in a Better Place

Our medium greenhouses’ barn-shaped roof design ensures plenty of headroom and large gardening space to place all your special plants in. You can even hang potted plants using hangers and anchoring clips that can be attached in your greenhouse. Our greenhouses also have a roof vent that provides an opening for fresh air to circulate.

For our glasshouses, you can add extra doors, roof vents and wall louvres. You can also opt to powder coat its aluminium frame based on the colour of your preference. We can powder coat it matt black, Karaka dark green, grey or white. A powder coated glasshouse enhances its aesthetic appearance and makes it corrosion-resistant.

A Variety of Greenhouses and Glasshouses

Besides the Ecogrow range, our selection of medium-sized greenhouses includes the Grand Gardener range. This range has ultra-spacious high-quality greenhouses with excellent features for home gardeners and seasoned horticulturalists. The greenhouses come with a highly durable green resin PVC frame and Twinwall glazing that is virtually unbreakable. The Grand Gardener range is popular for its outstanding insulation properties and quality nurturing environment.

In our range of medium-sized glasshouses, we have the Eden 8 Series glasshouses that are perfect for gardeners who require a heavy-duty product that withstands the tough Australian climate. Its design features the space and flexibility of a large growing environment with the Eden modular concept. You can add various attachments to your glasshouse such as roof vents and louvre windows to achieve the ideal growing environment for your plants.

When it comes to selecting a medium-sized greenhouse or glasshouse, Edenlite is at your service. We will help you pick the best greenhouse or glasshouse based on the type of garden you have or want and the plants you intend to cultivate. If you need any spare parts, we provide extra doors, roof vents, wall louvres and more.

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