Greenhouse parts

Our Range of Spare Greenhouse Parts

Looking for spare parts for your greenhouse? Edenlite has a wide range of greenhouse spare parts for you to choose from. From plant hangers to automatic louvre opener kits, our greenhouse spare parts for sale are suitable for any type of Eden or Rion greenhouses. Our spare parts are made with high-quality materials that can withstand the tough Australian weather. Use our greenhouse parts to create the ideal growing atmosphere for your plants.

As specialists in greenhouses, we know how vital air circulation in your greenhouse is to ensure your plants grow well. Most of our spare parts are roof vents and louvre window units that are used to provide extra ventilation and improved air circulation in your greenhouse. When you use our spare parts, you can be confident that you will have everything you need for the ultimate greenhouse fit-out.

Fresh Air for Your Plants

Ours upplies of greenhouse partsa re made for our Ecogrow and Grand Gardener Greenhouses. They can be easily retrofitted to these two types of greenhouses to give your plants their much needed air. Our greenhouse parts include roof vents and louvre window units that perfectly complement our greenhouses. For instance, we have the Ecogrow and Grand Gardener Roof vent units that come with a lever that enables you to manually adjust the opening of the roof vent.

Greenhouses are designed to trap heat. Although this is useful during winter, your greenhouse can overheat during summer if you forget to open and close its windows. To avoid this from happening, we offer louvre windows that automatically opens and closes as the temperature changes. The louvres start to gradually open at 12°C to 15°C, allowing just the right amount of air flow in your Ecogrow or Grand Gardener greenhouse.

Organise Your Greenhouse

We also offer handy plant hanging and anchoring clips that make it easy to move around and organise your plants in your greenhouse. Made from corrosion-resistant steel, our hanging and anchoring clips can last for years. Use them to tie up tall plants or hang potted plants easily.

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