Growing Tomato Essentials

Growing Tomato Essentials

Spring is the perfect time to get your tomato plants up and running.
Whether you are a novice or an expert gardener, the Autopot Starter Kit And Trellising Kit will make planting tomatoes easier.

Autopot Starter Kit

The Autopot Starter Kit has extendable options available from one tank with one tray, right through to having your whole whole greenhouse growing in the Autopot system.
The Autopot mineral-rich nutrient solution provides everything for the tomato plants to fully develop naturally so you can reap the benefits of both tasty and healthy tomatoes.
No digging , no weeding, no daily input, perfect for busy people. Very simple to set up.
Autopot Gravity Tank feeds nutrients to trays for smart valves to dispense. Plants deciding their own uptake plus respite for roots to ‘breathe’ each cycle is the secret to the
Autopot results. Autopot is the Number One Natural method for all gardeners to get consistently high yields of healthy and tasty vegetables…
Why? Because the plant is control of its needs.

Trellising Kit

Trellising plants keeps the crop of the ground and also increases usable space and yield of the tomato plants. The Trellising kit is also used for staking your tomato plants and getting them grow upright. This ingenious kit it very simple to use and will stop the plants from drooping and the tomatoes getting spoiled.

Benefits to trellising tomatoes

  • The tomatoes get more exposure to sunlight and therefore grow healthier and stronger, yielding more tomatoes.
  • Increases resistance to disease as the plants are healthier.
  • Easier to maintain plants by pruning.

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