How Greenhouses Extend Your Garden’s Growing Season

ECOGROW AA50E Greenhouse

Greenhouses enable you to protect your plants from adverse weather conditions, pests and disease. With this structure, you can grow local, organic produce all year-round. You can start seedling plants that would struggle outdoors in the spring, or continue cropping from mature plants in autumn.

Minimise exposure to wind

Wind negatively affects the growth of plants by shaking their roots, snapping stems, dehydrating plants, and damaging flowers and fruits. A safe and protected indoor space helps plants thrive and grow. Exposed plants that battle strong winds use most of their energy to survive, rather than developing robust root systems.

Although severe buffeting gale winds may not come very often, it is advisable to protect your greenhouse with wind cloth 1 metre out from the walls to the height of the walls. Shrubs or hedgings can be grown from the wind cloth if need be. A wind reducer is more effective compared to a wind stopper, as a full wall will create a vortex over the greenhouse. Attractive plantings of shelter trees can also be considered.

Enable vegetables to thrive in winter

The gardening season is not just limited to spring, summer and autumn. Certain types of plants grow well throughout the winter, with some help from your greenhouse.

Here are some vegetables that are suitable for your glasshouse winter garden:

  • Greens such as chard, collards, kale, lettuce, mustard and spinach are best planted in June for harvesting in late winter.
  • Herbs like cilantro, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme grow well in mild winters. A greenhouse can extend the life of annual herbs like mint. Rear them in a large planter, and you will enjoy many kinds of herbs all year.
  • Plant other vegetables such as beets, carrots and peas should can also be harvested throughout the winter. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, onions and turnips can be started anytime in late winter. These can be used in early spring.

Shading and ventilation

Many plants will suffer without adequate shading. Using a lime whitewash. Applying it outside of the greenhouse’s panes is an easy and quick way to shade plants. You can also opt to purchase shade cloth as a more permanent option for shading.

The air in a greenhouse needs to be circulating properly to prevent fungus growth in plants. To aid circulation, keep the side ventilators slightly open in the daytime, in all but the very coldest weather.

Edenlite is your one-stop shop for all your greenhouse needs

A greenhouse is not just a place for you to keep your plants growing year-round; it can also be a haven for you as you tend to your plants or just enjoy them.

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