EDEN Sunroom AR614S

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Designed to attach to an exterior wall, the Eden Sunroom Greenhouses will make a great addition to your home. Create a great outdoor space for gardening or entertaining that is protected from harmful UV rays. Glazed with crystal clear 3mm thick acrylic side panels and twin wall polycarbonate on the roof, the Eden Sunroom range can be easily extend the length by adding centre sections, these would make a fabulous small conservatory or great little greenhouse. An affordable addition to your growing pleasure. Includes single door and roof vent.

Length 2700mm
Width 1900mm
Height 2470mm
NOTE: dimensions may be understated, please contact us for exact measurements if required.


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Rion Sunroom Greenhouse AR614S

Increase the amount of time you can enjoy the outdoors with our solarium enclosure with the Sunroom AR614S. Furthermore, the classic, clean lines along with its year-long usability make it a natural supplement to your home, adding light and elegance that will easily blend with any home design. Consequently, it is the perfect environment to sit back kick off your shoes and enjoy your time off. Use it as an indoor Jacuzzi, for entertaining or alternately use it as a hobby greenhouse during winter season. Furthermore, the combination of the 2 glazing types allows a very pleasant atmosphere and generates a comfortable lounging environment. twin-wall . Likewise, the robust resin frame, along with its additional Aluminum profiles allows the use of sliding technique for easier assembly. Because of this, our home adjoining structure is built for a long and lasting use.

Polycarbonate roof panels

• Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant
• 4 mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate protects from strong sunlight exposure
• Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected. This means that the panels do not discolor, fracture or shatter
• Due to their superior strength, the panels maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use

Acrylic wall panels

• High impact, crystal-clear acrylic wall system. This is also resilient and easy to clean and maintains high light transmission. It is also naturally immune to the harmful UV rays
• Ready to assemble pre-cut panels


• Thick Resin frame improves insulation and provides extra durability
• Additional Aluminum profiles allows the use of sliding technique for easier assembly

Door assembly

• Single door with handle and holder
• Hinged side door can be assembled on either of the two sides

Roof vent

• Provides air flow and allows regulation of heat and humidity

Easy assembly

• Smart Pin & Lock connectors
• Uniform profiles

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EDEN Sunroom AR614S


Eden Sunroom 1.9m x 2.7m

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