Why Use a Glasshouse or Greenhouse?

Why Buy a Glasshouse or Greenhouse?

Firstly, owning a glasshouse or greenhouse comes with the immense satisfaction and sense of achievement of harvesting healthy vegetables, flowers and plants!

As well as this, glasshouses and greenhouses have a long list of crop-growing positives:

  • They protect crops from the cold
  • Protect from wind
  • Protect from heavy rain
  • Protect from pests/birds/other hungry animals!
  • Lengthen your growing season
  • Provide a haven for you and your plants
  • Provide a framework to protect from sunburn and mid-day over-heating

Air Circulation

Air circulation is also very important.

Too few doors/vents/louvres can cause overheating and a subsequent suffocation of the plants and crops inside your glasshouse or greenhouse. As a result, in warmer seasons doors/vents/louvres should be left open day and night, unless a cold snap occurs. Also, having everything shut on a hot day will cause very high plant damage.


Glasshouses will also need more protection that greenhouses

There are three main methods of doing this:

  • Shade paint
  • Shade cloth panels held to inside with clips
  • Shade cloth kit over the outside

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