Winter Heating Tips

Winter is one of your crops biggest killers. It is important to manage your plants correctly so that they can survive through this season. Winter can be extremely cold, frosty and icy and only a small minority of plants can stand up to this. Here is a list of how to prevent your plants getting frostbitten:

  • Position plants for full winter sun.
  • Concrete floor or pavers to act as a nighttime heat store after being warmed up by the sun during the day. Also ensure that before you concrete your glasshouse or greenhouse floor to put several layers of black plastic underneath the concrete to trap the heat.
  • 400 mm high stack of pavers in each glasshouse or greenhouse corner (The corner is where cold can penetrate from two sides).

The following options also require either solar panel battery or connection to household power:

  • Propagator heat pads are used for seedlings
  • Autopot heated cap plus table
  • Install underfloor bathroom heat pads onto concrete or pavers over the top. Connect to thermostat. 700W powers a small glasshouse to keep the chill and frost and suchlike at bay.

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